This site collects information for development of open-access databases/repositories related to material properties under varying pressures and temperatures. Target audiences are the materials high pressure communities in geosciences, physics, and engineering and the planetary impact processes communities.

Overview of Open Science High-Pressure Material Properties Database Initiative June 2023

Link to HPEOS database technical description and materials for discussion at APS SCCM Meeting, June 2023:

Database design specifications, example MongoDB database, example metadata:

Previous presentations

Presentation Slides ‘Open Science Opportunities and Challenges for theHigh-Pressure Community’ by S. T. Stewart, CMAP Group Meeting, January 20, 2023

If you are interested in participating/supporting high-pressure materials open science initiatives, please email Sarah (ststewart at


Shorter presentation at NIF/JLF User Meeting 2/22/23:

NIF/ JLF presentation

What kinds of data are desired for these communities?

For minerals and rocks/ices and melts/fluids properties desired in open access repos:

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